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This battery operated strobe flasher provides a highly visible flash for a wide variety of applications. Use anywhere a bright portable flasher is needed with a pair of 6 V lantern batteries or our new sealed rechargeable version.
• 3 joules flash intensity @ 60 FPM.
• Impact resistant Lexan lens.
• Magnetic base option.
• 24 hour battery life.
• medium or low profile lens.
• 100% weatherproof
• 300 milliamp draw
7400 Medium profile 6" tall lens
7401 Low profile 4" tall lens
7400-MB Medium profile mag. base
7401-MB Low profile mag. base
7400/RC Med. profile Rechargeable
7401/RC Low profile Rechargeable
7400-MB/RC Med. profile mag. base
7401-MB/RC Low profile mag. base Rechargeable
460 6 V spring type lantern battery (two required)
PE4-6RF1X2 Twin rechargeable battery pack
ABS12400T Charger
Note: Rechargeable models include the battery pack. For non-rechargeable models please order (2) two number 460 batteries separately.


This battery operated LED flasher provides a highly visible flash for a wide variety of applications. Industrial users will find it useful for maintenance personnel on job sites where power is not available or inconvenient to connect. A magnetic base option is available for secure mounting.

The LED bulbs provide life in excess of 100,000 hours and draw so little current, that battery life is measured in hundreds of hours.

Use the PORTA-LEDTM anywhere a bright portable flasher is needed with a pair of 6 Volt lantern batteries. (batteries not included)

Dimensions: Lens: 5” dia. X 3” high. Case: 5” H X 7” W X 3” Deep.
7600-LED-A Amber PORTA-LED™
7600-LED-MB-A Amber magnetic base PORTA-LED™
7600-LED-MB-R Red magnetic base PORTA-LED™
460 6 Volt spring type lantern battery (two required)
Note: 1. Other colors availble upon request

The MINI STROBE® family is a single flash heavy duty strobe light featuring all aluminum housing, flange mount, lexan lens, and plug-in strobe lamp. The DC units are component recognized by UL for use on electric fork lift trucks.
Intensity 8 Joule 15 Joule
CLEAR 185 Candela 360 Candela
AMBER 160 Candela 300 Candela
BLUE 85 Candela 160 Candela
RED 40 Candela 80 Candela .
GREEN 70 Candela 140 Candela
• Power Supply Output 11 Watts
• Current Draw: 1.25 Amps @ 12 DC, 0.2 @ 74DC.
• Current Draw: 0.17 Amps @ 120 AC, 0.12 @240 AC.
• 80 to 95 Flashes per Minute
• UL AU 2049 for E, ES, & EE trucks.
• 8 joule power supply 700 family
• 15 joule power supply 700-110-15J
• 6" Tall X 4.7" Dia., 1.3 lbs.
700-110 120 VAC, 50/60 hz, 0.17
700-240 240 VAC, 50/60 hz,0.12 A
700-1274 12-74 VDC, 1.25 a @ 12 V
700-110-15J 120 VAC, 50/60 hz,15 J
700-120DC 120 VDC, 0.1 amps
Options & Parts:  
700-G Guard
BKT L mounting bracket
3001 Strobe lamp
700-L Lexan Lens
6001 Strobe lamp (700-110-15J)
/PM1 1/2" pipe mount (factory

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