Cable Kits



WP. MALE M1054/M1056

WP. FEMALE M1053/M1055

Cables for Lamps and Power Supplies

TOMAR multi-conductor lamp extension cables are available in eight styles to allow connecting standard lamps and power supplies to WP lamps and power supplies. STD connectors are recommended for use in clean/dry areas only; they are not water tight or weatherproof. WP connectors are recommended for use in damp/wet areas and are sealed with silicone rubber gaskets, and are rated for automotive under hood applications. The cable is shielded 3/C–16AWG 26/30 stranding annealed tinned copper color coded PVC insulated and jacketed and rated for 80°C operation. .274″ O.D.


Model No. Cable Length Cable Type Connector (Power SupplyEnd) Connector (Lamp End)
0.5C 6 inches C Standard Female Standard Male
2C 2 feet
6C 6 feet
9C 9 feet
15C 15 feet
20C 20 feet
25C 25 feet
0.5C–WP 6 inches C WP Male Standard Male
2C–WP 2 feet
6C–WP 6 feet
9C–WP 9 feet
15C–WP 15 feet
20C–WP 20 feet
0.5C–WP1 6 inches C–WP Standard Female WP Female
6C–WP1 6 feet
9C–WP1 9 feet
15C–WP1 15 feet
20C–WP1 20 feet
2C–WP2 2 feet C–WP WP Male WP Female
6C–WP2 6 feet
9C–WP2 9 feet
15C–WP2 15 feet
20C–WP2 20 feet
* Special lengths can be made to order.
Model No. Cable Length Cable Type Connector (Power SupplyEnd) Connector (Lamp End)
2-2LH 2 feet 2LH Standard Female Standard Male
4-2LH 4 feet
15-2LH 15 feet
20-2LH 20 feet
35-2LH 35 feet
2-2LH-WP 2 feet 2LH-WP WP Male Standard Male
4-2LH-WP 4 feet
15-2LH-WP 15 feet
20-2LH-WP 20 feet
35-2LH-WP 35 feet
2-2LH-WP1 2 feet 2LH-WP1 Standard Female WP Female
4-2LH-WP1 4 feet
15-2LH-WP1 15 feet
20-2LH-WP1 20 feet
35-2LH-WP1 35 feet
2-2LH-WP2 2 feet 2LH-WP2 WP Male WP Female
4-2LH-WP2 4 feet
15-2LH-WP2 15 feet
20-2LH-WP2 20 feet
35-2LH-WP2 35 feet