Explosion Proof Weatherproof Strobes

These models of single flash explosion proof UL listed strobe lights are designed for operation in hazardous areas rated Class I Group C & D and Class II group E, F, & G. Design features include a housing made of die cast high strength copper-free aluminum alloy with baked powder epoxy finish, stainless steel hardware, O-ring sealed prestressed glass globe with double pitch acme threads for smooth assembly and ease of maintenance, and an optional guard which need not be removed for relamping. 3/4″ conduit hubs are standard.


Please specify lens color and the model number desired. Colors available are AMBER, CLEAR, BLUE, GREEN or RED.

Model No.DescriptionVoltageApprovals
3150BEP-FMFlange Mount12 thru 74 VDCUL
3200BEP-FMFlange Mount120 VACUL
3300BEP-FMFlange Mount240 VACUL
3150BEP-PM3/4″ Pendant Mt.12 thru 74 VDCUL
3200BEP-PM3/4″ Pendant Mt.120 VACUL
3300BEP-PM3/4″ Pendant Mt.240 VACUL
3150BEP-WMWall Mount12 thru 74 VDCUL
3200BEP-WMWall Mount120 VACUL
3300BEP-WMWall Mount240 VACUL
EP-FM-1Splice Box with 1″ Hubs UL
EP-PM-1Splice Box with 1″ Hubs UL
EP-WM-1Splice Box with 1″ hubs UL
BEPGGuard (optional) UL


Lamp Type
700-R1-COLOR Hermetically Sealed Xenon Strobe Lamp Assembly
Voltage and Amperage
12-74 VDCDraws 1.25 A avg. @12 VDC tapering to 0.2 A avg. @74 VDC
120/240 VAC Draws 0.17 A avg. @ 120 VAC
(50/60 Hz) Draws 0.075 A avg. @ 240 VAC
Power Supply Output
13 Watts Standard, 11 Watts for 3150
9 joules per flash Std., 8 joules per flash for 3150
Termperature Range
-40 Degrees C to +55 degrees C
Flash Rate
85 Flashes per minute
Temperature Code
T6 – Class I Groups C & D
T4A – Class II Groups E, F, & G
Clear 200 Candela eff.
Amber 170 Candela eff.
Blue 90 Candela eff.
Red 40 Candela eff.
Green 70 Candela eff.
Size and Weight
13.69″ Tall X 7.44″ Dia. 10 lbs. 6 oz.
(347 mm) (188 mm) (4.7 kg.)
UL 1203 & 1638