MicroLert Status LED Lights

Using the versatile MicroLert LED warning lights, it’s possible to assemble a Status Light Assembly suitable for a wide variety of status monitoring applications.

A typical application is the living quarters of an Oil Platform with a MicroLert LED Status Light installed to monitor gas detection equipment. One assembly does it all from a flashing red light to a steady burn green light with other colors in between either flashing or steady burning depending on the conditions monitored.

The MicroLert LED Status Light is actually an “A-La-Carte” monitoring assembly with which the user specifies the model


295LF-120-240120/240 AC 1/2″ Male Flashing
295LS-120-240120/240 AC 1/2″ Male Steady Burn
295LF-128012-80 DC 1/2″ Male Flashing
295LS-128012-80 DC 1/2″ Male Steady Burn
2-Box2 Light NEMA 3R Box
3-Box3 Light NEMA 3R Box
4-Box4 Light NEMA 3R Box
5-Box5 Light NEMA 3R Box

Specify MicroLert Model Numbers, Lens colors and location on the NEMA 3 box from left to right.

Number and location of each MicroLert mounted on the NEMA 3R box from two to five lights. For example if a three light assembly is needed, first select the NEMA 3R box, then the LED MicroLert Lights from left to right and Maxi-Signal will assemble them as specified.
Example Below: 3 Light LED MicroLert Status Light

3-Box3 Light NEMA 3R pre-punched box
295LF-120-R120 AC 1/2″ Male Thread flashing
295LF-120-G120 AC 1/2″ Male Thread flashing
295LS-120-A120 AC 1/2″ Male Thread Steady-on


  • Tough Lexan Lens spun welded to the base to completely seal out moisture. NEMA 4X
  • UL Listed with wide voltage range: 85-265 AC, 10-100 DC.
  • 5 LED colors: Red, Amber, Blue, Green or White.
  • Steady burn or flashing.
  • 24 DC = 198 mA, 120 AC = 40 mA
  • MicroLert Size: 3″ diameter X 2 1/2″ High.
  • Nema 3R Box sizes:
    2-Box = 4″ X 4″ X 12″4-Box = 4″ X 4″ X 24″
    3-Box = 4″ X 4″ X 12″5-Box = 4″ X 4″ X 24″