Crane Cab Heaters

Crane Cab Heaters – 220 to 250 VDC

A-230CH-1No1 KW8″20.75″4.25″
A-230CH-1-SYes1 KW8″20.75″4.25″
A-230CH-2No2 KW8″20.75″4.25″
A-230CH-2-SYes2 KW8″20.75″4.25″
A-230CH-4No4 KW1 or 320.75″4.25″
A-230CH-4-SYes4 KW1 or 320.75″4.25″
A-230CH-2/2-SYes4 KW (2+2)1 or 320.75″4.25″
A-230CH-6No6 KW1 or 320.75″4.25″
A-230CH-6-SYes6 KW1 or 320.75″4.25″
A-230CH-2/2/2-SYes6 KW (2+2+2)1 or 320.75″4.25″
* Heavy-duty wirewound heating elements.


Natural convection heaters are ideal for heating crane cabs, guard houses and other normally unheated areas. All heaters feature heavy-duty wirewound heating elements mounted in a rugged galvanized steel enclosure with perforated cover. All units are suitable for floor or wall mounting and have convenient knockouts for permanent conduit installation. Heavy-duty DC rated switches are also available for on/off or multiple heat settings.