Crane Lights – 250 DC MV & AC HPS

400-CL MV & HPS • 1000-CL HPS

Cast aluminum spring loaded socket and reflector support provides a reliable indoor cranelight for 250 VDC Mercury Vapor and AC HPS lamps. The highly polished reflector gives a medium beam spread. For additional protection against shock and vibration, include one of the shock mounts listed below.

The 250 VDC Mercury Vapor fixture and lamp combination utilizes a current limiting resistor for operation of a 400 Watt mercury vapor lamp on 250 VDC input voltage. This resistor acts as a special ballast for 250 VDC and is intended for overhead crane application only, not for general illumination.

400-CLIndoor 400 W MV & HPS lamps, ED18, BT37, E37 & ED37.
1000-CLIndoor 1000 W HPS lamps, E25
  • Size: 400-CL – 14″ Dia. X 16 3/4″ High
  • Size: 1000-CL – 14″ Dia. X 18 3/4″ High

Notice: The H34GW-1000/DX lamp has been discontinued. Please call our sales department for assistance with replacement fixtures & resistor ballasts for 1000 W 250 VDC applications.

Shock Mounts & Junction Boxes

400-WP, & 400-R MV & 750 W SB-MV

Cast aluminum weatherproof fixture featuring a spring loaded socket to securely hold Mercury Vapor and Self Ballasted Mercury Vapor lamps against a cushion gasket. This double lamp support provides the best method to resist shock and vibration. For additional protection against shock and vibration, include one of the shock mounts listed below.

400-WPOutdoor 400 Watt MV lamps, BT37, E37, ED37 14″ dia. X 19 1/2″ High
400-ROutdoor 400 Watt R60 MV Lamp no. H33LN-400 & 750 Watt R60 Self Ballasted 250 VDC lamps no. M750R5/7FL 14″ Dia. X 16″ High


250 VDC Cranes – Mercury Vapor Lamps & Self-Ballasted MV Lamps
WattsVoltageFixtureLamp No.ResistorBallast No.
400250 DC400-RH33LN-400TBA14MVB
400250 DC400-CLH33GL-400/DXTBA14MVB
400250 DC400-WPH33GL-400/DXTBA14MVB
750250 DC750-RM750R5/7FLN.A.
AC Cranes – High Pressure Sodium (indoor only)
400Specify400-CLLU400Select from List Below
1000Specify1000-CLLU1000Select from List Below
High Pressure Sodium Indoor Ballasts