Series 3000 LED Explosion Proof Signal Lights

Tomar Electronics introduces the Model 3000 family of LED Explosion Proof Lights. These warning Lights are UL Listed for Class 1, Division 1, Groups C & D: Class 2, Division 1, Groups E, F & G: Class 1, Division 2, Groups A & B; and Class 3. They are available in six LED colors (Amber, Blue, Green, Magenta, Red and White)

Tomar’s Explosion Proof LED lights feature a unique thermal management system that utilizes internal cooling fins to draw heat away from the LEDs. This allows for longer lamp life and more consistent light output. All electronics and LEDs are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a full five years.


Model No.DescriptionVoltage
3024XLPPendant Mount 3/4″ hub10-36 VDC
3124XLPPendant Mount 3/4″ hub120-240 VAC
3024XLFFlange Mount 3/4″ hub10-36 VDC
3124XLFFlange Mount 3/4″ hub120-240 VAC
3024XLWWall Mount 3/4″ hub10-36 VDC
3124XLWWall Mount 3/4″ hub120-240 VAC

An internal switch allows for easy selection among steadyburning, single or double flash mode. Each light will operate over a wide AC and DC input voltage range. The DC version is designed to operate from 10-36 VDC; the AC version from 120-240 VAC.

The 3000 Family series are constructed to NEMA 4X standards and are marine rated for use in salt water environments. Design features include housing made of die cast high strength copperfree aluminum alloy with baked powder epoxy finish, stainless steel hardware, O-ring sealed prestressed glass dome with double pitch acme threads for smooth assembly and ease of maintenance.


  • Flash Rate – 80 single FPM, 40 double FPM
  • Voltage and Amperage:
    • 167 mA @ 24 VDC for single flash
    • 033 mA @ 120 VAC for single flash
    • 017 mA @ 240 VAC for single flash
  • Operating Temperature: -40 C to 85 C.
  • Temperature Code: T6
  • Dip switch selectable single flash, double-flash, or steady burn mode.
  • Unique Thermal Management System utilizes internal cooling fins to draw heat away from the LEDs. This allows for longer LED life and more consistent light output.
  • Size and Weight:
    13.6″ Tall X 7.44″ Diameter10 lbs, 6 oz.